Italy trip

Italy trip


After long plans and many changes, we decided on 24.7.2014 to start the journey to Lo Stivale (the European Boot). Our first stop was Striebornica, where the International meeting of the Star Riders took place.



We met our old friends, as well as made new ones from all over the world. We spent very a pleasurable time together and enjoyed five private concerts, where my younger brother and I also had the chance to play (the drums J).





In the morning, on 27.7.2014, we said goodbye to Mum, Sashka (bro), and the riders and set off for the Italian DOLCE VITA! Our friends, Pegas and Klichko, were already waiting for us in Venezia, where we met and spent a few very nice days.





The next day we got dressed pretty quickly, but our swinging into action was stopped just as quickly when we saw Pegas’s motorbike, and its flat tyre. Thus our departure was delayed for about four hours, but it was worth our while to wait. San Marino took my breath away as soon as we crossed the border (and yet I was only looking at it from a hotel room).


selfie :D


We could not miss the opportunity to meet the local citizens and therefore we went out into the streets for an evening walk. After my dad, Pegas, and I had whooped it up on the dance floor, we met together at a table with many new friends (of whom only one was from San Marino, while the others were from Poland, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Croatia, Italy and Brazil). The discussion was in full swing (after translation through four languages and our skills at pantomiming, the information hopefully got to everyone). We left at 3:00 a.m. with Russian folk songs accompanying us to the hotel. Knowing San Marino just from the window, we decided to change that by the afternoon.







After all these beautiful memories it was time to go further, but........ ...... Pegas’styre made us spend more hours at the place (for the fourth time) :D.



Barely had we moved... and then the news came- Pegas’s motorbike had stopped working (he couldn’t start it up). That time we got stuck at an unknown gas station in the middle of nowhere and waited for help. Fortunately, all roads lead to Rome, so at midnight we managed to get to bed. We spent another four days exploring the historic city,as well as the smallest state in the world- the Vatican.



b2ap3_thumbnail_i_549ba6a2cdabfe50_html_70a890fe.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_i_549ba6a2cdabfe50_html_71f653a8.jpg



Pegas discovered his talent for modeling :D






With the Pope :D :)





After all the amazing adventures,Klichko had to leave us, but new experiences were waiting for us.

We suffered a mild culture shock entering Napoli when I started to understand why the rest of Italy wishes to build a high fence around that city and throw a few crocodiles there (I’m quoting one of the Roman citizens). Fortunately, from the roof of our hotel, where you could not see all the rubbish floating near the ground, everything seemed to be all right. Even in Napoli we happened to bump into fantastic people (who were willing to help us selflessly), delicious pizza, a stunning church (just from the inside), billboards with a smiling Marek Hamšík and.. that’s all I think.

Last but not least, I forgot to mention the world-famous Pompeii, located in the province of Napoli. Although now you can only see the ruins, they still have their magic.






After having arrived in Bari, we had some spare time before the ferry left, so we refreshed ourselves in the sea.



Real bikers eat this way;)


I’m sure they are thinking about their next journey now :)



The night sailing through the Adriatic Sea was very interesting, especially for the other passengers. However hard they tried, they couldn’t stop, nor even turn down, Pegas’s snoring. As for me, I didn’t even have to turn up my MP3 player, as a boy sitting two metres away from me had his on loudly enough... it obviously did not help him very much, as he looked as annoyed as the others. For you to imagine that night better,I will describe it as follows- the children were crying, the people were leaving and in the morning Pegas could not understand why everybody was looking at him in such an unpleasant way... I had a pretty good sleep (after all those sleepless nights that I’d already experienced when he was sleeping in the same area), despite being on the floor. We landed on the shore of Albania. While we were getting off-board, two weird guys approached us, offering security service, which we refused and drove straight to Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. We were literally dragging ourselves through the serpentines for two days, but it was definitely worth it.








As Pegas hadn’t been in Croatia yet (and wanted to sew another badge on his waistcoat), we planned to visit that country on the way home. We spent half a day approaching the border. To our great disappointment we found out that it had been closed not long ago.


However, our fantastic trio can’t be stopped by anything, so we spent the second half of the day searching for another border crossing, at which we finally succeeded.

We were just few kilometres away from our home. Sweet Trebišov! We are home!




PS: 17 days, 10 countries (Austria, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Albania, Montenegro, Bosna-Hercegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary), 3762 km


Visiting many cultural and historical sites and other places, and mainly meeting peoplewho will be in my I thank all the peoplewho helped me with this trip:my family, Dima Pegas, and Klichko

*Photos by AlexanderPetrov were used in this article, which I am really thankful for :)


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