Finally, the date of our start - 29.4.2013 was stated and thousands km of unknown road were waiting for me and my dad.

The day before our departure we welcomed the rest of our team: Helgi and Marija from Moscow (Harley Davidson), Watson from St. Petersburg (Yamaha), and Katja with Pegas- St. Petersburg/Moscow (Harley Davidson).

In the morning mum provided us with the last instructions how we should behave to let us go anywhere in the future and we did everything according to her orders... first 100 km. We were heading for Budapest then, 310 km away. There we happened to run into the first difficulties- the fee was nothing in comparison with the Helgi´s Harley, which decided to stop working. We put off trying to find solution to the problem and went out sightseeing.

Katja, the high point of the evening, claimed that 2 km of walking is not much at all. When the tenth one passed, we weren´t of the same mind, though. At that time only Jack Daniels could get dad and Pegas to walk further after the whole day and that trio made Budapest resound with the Russian songs. Since 30.04. Harley hasn´t started up without our help.

For that reason(and also because of Pegas´s flat tire) we didn´t manage to drive 1000 km to Greece and had to stop in Serbia (Nis). We became friends with the local citizens extremely quickly. Literally 15 minutes after our arrival we sat outside in front of a small shop and spoke on the mix of 4 languages, as if we knew each other for years.

The Serbs were really hospitable. After the owner of the shop saw those thirsty, hungry exhausted bikers, he left the keys to the locals and left with the words: „Take whatever you want“! I must say that we accomplished that task succesfully. In a couple of minutes we already had a guitar so we could share something from our cultures. Our new friends sang with smile on their faces, however all songs were about unfortunate love. Having found out that the boy sitting opposite of me, Stephan, is a drummer having his drums across the street, nothing could stop me from showing him how we play the drums in Slovakia J. However, Stephan´s neighbour is not a big fan of rock (moreover, it was 1 a.m.), so I didn´t have oppurtunity to hear Stephan play. He just played a few songs on the guitar for me and then we returned back to the others, where party had just begun.

In the morning our planned departure was delayed of three hours, but eventually we managed to get to Solun (Thessaloniki). After accomodating, we went out to the streets, tasted traditional Greek salad, an octopus, played right in the square, walked by the sea, but the most surprising were the oranges growing right in the main street.

However, as soon as our lips got to taste that sourness, we understood why nobody had plucked them yet. If you´d like to try them, too, go there, I´m sure they´re still on that tree ;).

After the exhausting day everybody was tired, except for me, dad and Pegas, so the rest went back to the hotel, while we decided to make friends with the Greeks. It didn´t take so long and we found ourselves with two, sitting at a table and drinking beer. We returned back at midnight.

On the other day in the morning we decided to discover a bit of its cultural heritage. We saw pretty much of the city, numerous monuments, ruins and other sights. After long walking we agreed it was high time for lunch. Me, Katja and dad followed Pegas whose steps led to nice country club. (whereas Watson, Helgy and Marija decided to taste something from Italian kitchen). They served us a wonderful meal, in return me and dad decided to play the piano for them.

Waiters and customers show their enjoyment by great applause and Christopher, the owner, even invited us to play the piano in the evening. However when he mentioned their family ranch 40 kilometers away, a possibility to ride the horse originated in my mind and I tried hard to make them sure how an excellent idea it was.

As they are real adventurers, I didn’t need to persuade them much long. After couple of minutes we sat again on our iron horses while I already saw myself on the real one.

As we were getting closer, I felt that we were near.

Here we found out that Pegas had never ridden the horse before. Not to shame his name, he chose the largest one hoping that adventure would end in a few minutes.

Katja is a skillful rider - second time in the saddle.

And so, our fantastic four (accompanied by Mpampis) set off for 2 hours long ride through the Greek details about the ride...

We returned at night and Mpampis was already our friend, who managed to surprise us with a 4 m long African python and a local cemetery.

The next morning our wheels led to Istanbul- a crossroad of the worlds. However, we turned off the planned route a little and managed to open a swimming season in Greece.

We spent a few wonderful days in Istanbul during which we visited Bospor, Grand Bazaar, The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and others about which (if you get more interested) I recommend to read on the Internet.

We also made great friends in Istanbul, motorbikers Mechmet (and his company), who prepared a guided tour for us and enabled us to feel warmth of home.

The next planned stop was the city of Nesebar in Bulgaria, where the meeting of motorbikers took place (7-8.5.). Interesting people, nice atmosphere, spectacular show and music, played by several groups from Russia and Bulgaria (e.g. Krossfire with whom I even got to play the drums - the first time on scene).

On 9.5. the time to say goodbye to Helgy, Marija, Watson, Katja and Pegas came as they were heading for Odessa and then home to Moscow and St. Petersburg, while me with dad set off for Transylvania( 680 kilometers). After having visited Dracula’s custle in Bran, last 730 kilometers divided us from homeland. Lovely Trebišov- we are home!

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